Saturday, September 27, 2008

Birthday and 5K

So I thought I'd take a second to write about my birthday and show off some of my new toys. Last weekend I took the young men on a backpacking trip up Ben Lomond, a respectable 16 miles (thanks Dad). Check out the scout blog if you want more info. Anyway, Martha surprised me with an early present. A North Face/Nalgene back pack similar to a Camelbak. I took it on the trip and it was great. I wanted one so that I could go on longer adventure runs in the mountains. It's already gone almost 30 miles with me. (see my training log. Search for Eglefino)

My next present goes along with the first. I needed a new pair of trail running shoes for my adventures (mountains and upcoming snow runs). Thanks to generous donations by my Mom and Martha's mom I was able to get these awesome shoes. Sweet eh? I've only run in them once so far but I think they are winners.

As many of you may know, yesterday was my birthday. I did not do the typical, take-the-day-off-work routine because we we having an "Elite Retreat" Wednesday-Friday. We had a big barbecue for lunch with the entire company and all the attending franchisees (Zees). Guess who got suckered into flipping burgers... that's right, me. Cool. I hadn't told many people about my birthday and didn't expect to get any special treatment so I didn't mind. After lunch I decided to go 4-wheeling with the zees up Mount Logan. I grossly underestimated the time that would take. We started gathering vehicles around 3pm and I finally got in my car to drive back to Ogden at about a quarter past 11. Here are some pictures of the adventure. We had 14 of us total. Only 1 machine broke down and had to be towed, thus adding to the delay.

After a quick shower, I got to bed just before midnight. This morning I got up and ran my first 5K as a 29-year-old. I actually did pretty well. It was a prettycasual affair and no bibs were used and places weren't announced, but times were read off and I was shocked to run 21:08. I think that is my best time as a married man. About 3 minutes faster than the Cherry Days 5K in July. Go Me!

Well I hope you enjoy this update and pics. We'll see when I write more... Oooooooo, mystery.

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