Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Christmas Wishlist

I have been asked several times what i want for Christmas but I can never remember in the heat of the moment so I thought I'd post it to remind me (and anyone else) of things that I want/ need. If you want to get me any of these things you may want to ask Martha first just in case she bought it for me.

So here goes (in no specific order):
  • Cold weather running clothes (tights, tech shirts, running jacket, etc)
  • Entrance fees (Ogden Marathon, Top of Utah Marathon, Utah Half Ironman)
  • Yak Traks for running on ice
  • Running socks
  • My back waxed (gross but true)
  • Timex Ironman 30-lap (I really liked the one Emily gave me years ago but it is dying. I saw them at WalMart for about $25.)
  • A snow blower (so we can get out once the plows bury us every time it snows)
  • Music for my Zune (not iTunes)
  • Dress shoes (slightly more adventurous than my black Docs although they are great. I need different colors)
  • A snowboarding trip (lift ticket and rentals)
  • Time with Martha
I'll probably update this once or five times between now and Christmas so check back when you can.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Holy running in the snow Batman!

Ok so, in the spirit of randomness, I am writting about two basically unrelated experiences.

I was on my way to swim laps at lunch on Friday. Those of you who know me, know that I am a huge Batman fan. I couldn't help notice this wannabe batmobile. Check it out. I think he did it in the right spirit but missed the target completely.

Yesterday I ran in the snow (accumulated) for the first time this year. I can't believe that we don't have any real snow to speak of down here in the valley. I tried out a new trail that starts at 1st dam (at the mouth of Logan Canyon) and goes to Green Canyon about 2 miles North. Once I got to Green Canyon I started going up hill and had snow for what ended up being the middle 4 miles of an almost 8 miler. Anyway, it was beautiful... and kinda cold (the sun wasn't shining in the canyon). I took my phone with me and took a few pics and a video. Two of them are the snow-covered dirt road in Green Canyon and the other one is from the trail between Logan Canyon and Green Canyon. It looks out onthe valley including Utah StateUniversity. Click on it and see ifyou can spot the "A" on old main.

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