Tuesday, March 31, 2009


This is Dillan at murray city park. They have some of the coolest playground equipment I've ever seen. Speaking of playgrounds, they are building a new playground at the Whittier center and i may help build it. We went and saw another playground that is similar to what it will be like and i think Dillan will love it.

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Tapering for the SLC marathon

So I finally signed up for a marathon. Back in 2002 when I did Top of Utah and qualified for Boston, I told myself that it would be a while 'till I was dumb enough to do that again. Well I guess I am finally dumb enough. I have always said "If you are going to do something dumb, at least be smart about it." So I decided to try the "smart" way and follow a training plan.

I am following Hal Higdon's Intermediate II plan. I originally started it with the intent of running the Ogden marathon, but that filled up before I had the courage/stupidity to sign up. So I had to decide between SLC a month earlier, or Bear lake a month later, or both. I decided that I need to get the first one over with and then I would see if I was "dumb enough" to try for Bear Lake. I really want to run Bear Lake but I don't want to run 20 miles every other saturday for 2 months.

I signed up for the SLC Marathon last week after a 19 miler at about 8:15 per mile pace. My legs were tired all week and I was worried about my 20 miler planned for last saturday. But all my worry was useless because I did just fine. I was relieved. The day before I did a pretty hilly 10 miler that I was worried would kill me for the long one. I ended up running almost the same pace as the 19.

So I am now less than 3 weeks from the marathon and I am done with my "long runs". I think the longest one I have left now is only 12. Piece of cake. The trouble is that my left knee has been bothering me since my 20 miler. I am hoping that I can heal from this soon so that it doesn't kill the quality of my runs. The good news is that I am not very sore from Saturday. I thought my legs would be super tight and I wouldn't be albe to walk but I am fine. Just an annoying pain in the knee.

If anyone reads this, wish me luck for the Marathon. I hope to do this "dumb" idea in as smart of a way as I know how.

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